Why the Name (Part 2)

Its been awhile since my first post and things change in short time periods nowadays.

I originally intended to write another post going into more detail about the digital side of the name of this blog, but now that I reflect more on it, I’ve decided it to be somewhat unnecessary, given all the technology in use today.

I also realized that such a romp down the corporate memory lane would be very boring and to spice it up with some juicy bits would be a disservice to certain individuals who should remain anonymous. Best to let bygones be bygones.

I’ll just say now that I was lucky enough, during my college years (late 1970s), to have intuitively grasped the fact that the development and use of digital technologies would only grow. I had no clue, however, just how much they would grow and how much they would affect our lives.

I will say that there is one area of our lives that seems to have been somewhat unaffected by digital technology – our form of governance.

I’m guessing that statement will cause not a few folks to jump to conclusions (wait a minute – we use computers in government!), so I will endeavor to explain what I mean in future blog posts.

Consider the introductory posts complete.

One Response to Why the Name (Part 2)

  1. Ann says:

    Amen, Brother. Bring on the news and tidings from a fresh perspective…

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